12 Ways to Make Your Content Generate More Leads With Half the Work [Infographic]

Repurpose Your Content to Save Time and Money


Content, content, content…

Everybody is talking about content. That is because content marketing is proven to be the best way to build leads, gain customers, and add profits.

According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates approximately 3X as many leads.

The larger companies can easily manage their campaigns and the demand for valuable new content. But what is a smaller business, with limited staff and budget, to do?

Get off the content creation treadmill

Infographic credit: Foundrmag.com

12 Strategic Ways to Repurpose Your Content:

  1. Iterate in audio – Consider adding audio. If not a regular podcast (again, with time and budget limits), offering some audio content will be appealing to people who want to make use of under-utilized time (commuting, exercising, doing housework).
  2. Give interviews – As an expert, you are your best spokesperson. Reach out to an industry influencer to arrange an interview. One trustworthy channel to approach is Help a Reporter Out (HARO).
  3. Inform with infographics – Turn your blog posts into a visual. It’s proven that visual content WORKS!
  4. Build your list with content upgrades – Offer free reports in PDF format to capture new leads. In return for a name and email address you now have a new potential customer.
  5. Share the love with SlideShare – Reach out to the LinkedIn audience. Again, adding visual content lets you say more with less.
  6. Share bite-sized chunks on social media – Pick the most appropriate social media channel(s) for your type of business, then post regularly.
  7. Educate with webinars – This is another way to position yourself as an expert while sharing content across platforms.
  8. Create valuable courses – Boost your authority.  Online tools like Thinkific and Teachable can help you.
  9. Break it down into an email series – While many customers dislike online ads, they still value email, according to MediaPost.com. Reach out to your list with existing content that directs them back to your website.
  10. Bring it together in a book – Publishing an ebook has never been easier. You can use an ebook as another way to generate leads. In return for a name and email address, your potential customer can download a free ebook in PDF format. If you have enough content you can even sell the information in ebook form.
  11. Run a free challenge – A great way to increase engagement and build connections with your audience.
  12. Connect with video – Add a human element, engage with instruction (think whiteboard or slide deck), and expand on the written topic on your website.



Strategy for Success

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